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AC Repair San Antonio, TX
What Makes Us So Cool?

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Our project management system is the key to what separates Cool Guys Services from the competition. We utilize a cloud-based communication system for our team to organize, schedule and execute each of our projects. In addition, we assign a forward-thinking, customer-centric project manager to make sure each project is completed as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as we have promised. So from the time you communicate what air conditioning or heating problem you are experiencing, until the project is finished you will gain peace of mind that things are getting done and getting done right the first time.


  • Providing the San Antonio area with quality air conditioning and heating service for over 10 years.

  • Cloud-based project management system to organize and complete every job.

  • Project manager assigned to every job to get it done right.

  • Easy, flat-rate pricing with no extra charges or hidden fees.

  • 98 percent of all calls completed the same day.

  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on our work.

  • Always free estimates.


AC Repair San Antonio, AC Repair San Antonio, AC Repair San Antonio

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Residential AC Service San Antonio, TX

Tap into the coolest experience and exceptional air conditioning services in the San Antonio area with Cool Guys. Cool Guys inspects, tunes up, maintains, repairs, services, sells, replaces and installs super high-efficiency air conditioning equipment.

Emergency AC Services San Antonio, TX

Isn’t it weird how our air conditioning and heating systems crash in the most unfortunate times, during heat waves, cold spells and other extreme temperature events.

Blow-In Insouation Services
San Antonio, TX

Cool Guys now offers top-quality blow-in insulation services! Improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort with our expert insulation solutions. Our team ensures quick, clean, and effective installation to help reduce energy bills and maintain consistent indoor temperatures. Contact Cool Guys today for superior insulation services!

Air Ducts Service
San Antonio, TX

Cool Guys Services, provides San Antonio homeowners with complete air duct cleaning services from air duct system design to air duct cleaning.

Plumbing Services
San Antonio, TX

Cool Guys now offers professional plumbing services! Our team handles leak detection, drain cleaning, pipe installation, and water heater maintenance with the same excellence as our HVAC services. Contact us today for expert plumbing solutions!

Electrical Services
San Antonio, TX

Cool Guys now offers expert electrical services! Our skilled electricians handle everything from wiring and lighting installations to electrical repairs and upgrades. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we ensure your electrical systems are reliable and up-to-code. Contact Cool Guys today for all your electrical needs!

No Breakdown Guarantee



Cool Guys guarantees their Keep It Cool maintenance plan customers, after performing all recommended repairs, that in the unlikely event their HVAC system should fail before their next regularly scheduled tune up, barring an act of God, nature or intentional damage, Cool Guys will return and repair their system for only the cost of the parts.


There will be no labor, diagnostic, service or trip charge.

Cool Guys AC Smile
Cool Guys AC Smile

Keep it Cool Plan

  • 1, 2 or 3 Year Plans Available

  • No Breakdown Guarantee 

  • Premium Spring Tune Up

  • Premium Fall Tune Up

  • Free 1 pound of R-410A refrigerant added as needed

  • 6 Free Standard Filters per Tune Up

  • Monthly Filter replacement reminders 

  • Maintenance scheduled by Cool Guys 

  • Up to 25% discount on repairs 

  • Up to 10% discount on new equipment purchases e 

  • Never a premium / overtime charge Priority Service 24/7 response time

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How 'bout Some, "Coolpons"

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Cool Guys AC Smile

AC Repair in San Antonio, TX

Get cool today with help from Cool Guys Services, providing the San Antonio Metro Area with reliable air conditioning and heating services for over 10 years. Our helpful customer service representatives and expert technicians achieve the perfect balance in home comfort, energy efficiency and total savings.


Cool Guys Services, Metro San Antonio, Texas, is a a turnkey HVAC service company focused on three essentials of great air conditioning and heating service:

High-quality workmanship
Superior customer service
Easy, flat-rate pricing

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